Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Garrison Church at night

The Garrison Church can be found in Old Portsmouth, the oldest and most historical area of Portsmouth. The oldest part (similar to many old churches, the sections were built at different times) dates back to around the year 1212 (according to this site) . Since then its survived through the reign of Henry VIII, the First and Second World wars and now its the home of memorials to those fallen during those wars.

I decided to shoot the church at night, using the stars to good effect. Its a fairly tranquil area, with the sea just to the right over the grass hill and a field (still belonging to the Ministry of Defence apparently) behind it. Its a nice place to visit at night, as long as you can live with the harsh flourescent lights that surround the car park opposite.

View Satellite image of the Garrison Church @ Google maps

In the image it shows the church with the old moat to the south east. Try to ignore the bad join, this is one place that Google messed up!


Blogger santy said...

Hi, there. Welcome from Jakarta - Indonesia. Have fun with DP blogging :)

9:01 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Welcome from Vallauris.

i like churches from outside, i like the night, i love stars...

Great composition :-)

8:15 PM  

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