Thursday, June 29, 2006

Portsmouth Butterfly House

A colorful butterfly, one you can find at the Portsmouth Butterfly House which is part of the Natural History Museum. Portsmouth doesn't have too many museums, and the ones it does have tend to be more targetted at the younger generation but the Butterfly House is a refreshing addition. You can visit the museums site here

As the info text says, its pretty hot in the Butterfly House, probably around a constant +28 or so. Its nice to be able to walk along with the butterflies flying around you, however its not the easiest thing to get a decent picture of them!

Located at the Eastern End of Southsea, its right next to Southsea Canoe lake which I will be featuring next.

View Satellite image of the Portsmouth Natural History Museum and Butterfly House.


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Beautiful shot! Welcome to the DP family!

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Looking forward to more of Portsmouth

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