Thursday, July 06, 2006

The other side

I called this picture 'The other side' as this location is exactly opposite on the island to the previous posting. This is whats known as 'Gunwharf Quays' which is the newest up and coming housing, retailing and entertainment area on Portsea Island. As you can see from the picture, its in a similar style to West Point (last post).

Credit to them, they have tried to keep something of the old Naval base here, the crane in the distance for one! You can find shops, pubs, bars, clubs, attractions, cinemas here - you name it. Also, its the home to the Spinnaker Tower (see previous post) which is located at once corner.
At the moment they're completing the final phase of the housing area which includes a huge 26 storey block of apartments/offices (just to the left of where I shot this).

One thing puzzles me - they seem to be making Gunwharf an entity of its own, kind of an island within an island. The place is surrounded either by high walls or new apartment blocks so once you walk through the gate its like you're in a new town. In other words, it doesn't quite fit in with the landscaping of Portsmouth in general.

Oh, and the housing is expensive once again. Around 275,000 gbp (400,000e or 500,000usd) for a 2 bedroom apartment. Not sure if I would pay that much even if I had the money!

View a Satellite image of this area @ Google Maps.
In the image you can clearly see the apartments around the edges of Gunwharf Quays.


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