Saturday, July 22, 2006

Prime Housing (King James Quay)

Continuing my theme of Old Portsmouth, this is an example of the new houses that are springing up everywhere. Well, not quite a usual example - this is a development by Sea Containers (one of the biggest owners of Ports and shipping lines in the world), surprising as this part of Portsmouth is no-where near the current container port.

I`m guessing there used to be a container dock here years ago and Sea Containers decided to create these houses on the land rather than let it go to waste when the dock was no longer needed. Anyway, if you want to live here, you need plenty of money! The average price for a three storey town house in this area is 375,000gbp (700,000$ - 550,000e) - bear in mind that is a 'terrace' meaning the houses are in a long row, not detached.

Still, the houses are nice and I think they fit in with the traditional mood of the area. What do you think?

View Satellite image of this area @ Google Maps.
You can clearly see the green of the gardens in the center of the shot.


Blogger edwin s said...

I like them. Again, clever architects that design with the surrounding area in mind.

1:33 PM  

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